World of Jeantrix: Making of a Fashion Film PT. 2

In most cases a set is usually the place to pull up and do what’s been lined up for you to do, not to say that isn’t the case on a Jeantrix set but it’s slightly different, things are always subject to change right in the moment and that’s the it factor so many sets are missing. While building this fashion film Jeantrix teamed up with OE Matters to capture the actual film, from location to location look to look each angle of the film displayed the detail and hard work necessary to get product like we see from Jeantrix. You may even discover how model Bria mentioned that her boots were a few sizes smaller than her actual size and she still delivered the looks with no strain . After bodying looks from the hallways and elevators we found ourselves surrounding the models in the center of the parking lot with a pyramid we built out of old classroom chairs and pieces from a welding shop that was laying nearby. Things started to get very tensed because we noticed we were starting to run out of sunlight and still had the final set to go to which was about 10 to15 mins away. So shortly after regrouping from the set with the chairs we were around the corner sitting and standing on tires that were conveniently piled up on the side walk so it normal fashion those objects became apart of the scene. Taking the initial vision up a notch instantly!

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