World of Jeantrix: Making of a Fashion Film PT. 1

Most days in November are filled with windy days and hoodies but this day was different. We had sunlight and painted up-cycled pieces by Jeantrix. By now I can say this wasn’t my first experience on a Jeantrix set, in fact this is far from my first so the fact that the day was filled with creatives and sunshine didnt surprise me at the least.

Initially we all met at ThesePinkLips studio in Philadelphia where each model Carlene, Bria, Terence and Taj were photographed throughout a the hallways, stairs and elevators to fully deliver the grunge/ edgy look that complements Jeantrix raw authentic style. Each editorial shot was captured by photographer Corey Hariston.

A lot of the magic started in the wooden hallways where each model was fitted and and matched with the provided looks all curated by stylist Yoko and Jeantrix. Check out part 1 of the behind the scenes series produced by Phlex Digital and WolvesFood

Written By Edward Grant

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