Stories To Tell" Cover Artist Gutt 6'7 Interview with Ed.Hippe

Ed.Hippe: Where are you from? Have your surroundings shaped you in a creative sense, and in what way(s)?

Gutt: Germantown section of Uptown Philadelphia. My surroundings always kept me sharp and motivated because I lived in a rough neighborhood. I motivated myself to do things that could lead me in a better direction. Also I rap about the current events that happen in my neighborhood quite often.

Ed.Hippe: What did you start doing first, entrepreneurship or rapping? How did you get started?

Gutt: Entrepreneurship of course lol. I always been a hustler. Most upbringings like mines extra money is needed. At the age of 7 I was selling my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toys. Definitely Entrepreneurship.

Ed.Hippe: What was your introduction to the music scene?

Gutt: I was around the music scene way before I jumped in. Being apart of a legendary neighborhood group called Blood Money Family. The rap environment was very familiar to me before I started taking it serious.

Ed.Hippe: What is the first album you ever owned? How did you acquire it?

Gutt: Wowww lol. Are we talking Cassettes or CD’s? If we talking tapes “Best of Beans” and I dubbed it from a friend. My first Album on CD was Ruff Ryders Ryde of Die Vol 1. It was a gift from my mom along with my first disc man.

Ed.Hippe: At what age did you start creating?

Gutt: Been creative all my life since 1st grade. I was diagnosed with A.D.D. at the age of 12 which means I’m easily distracted. You will catch me dazing off into the stars sometimes lol. My thoughts always been outside the box. Creativity is all about being different and I love being different.

Ed.Hippe: Who have you collaborated with? Who would you like to collaborate with?

Gutt:D.Jones, Frank with The Grippraz, Bruno Brown, Sha Money OBH. Also collaborated with alot of upcoming philly artist as well. I’m not big on features but one day I would like to work with a handful of artist like Jadakiss, Oschino, Young Chris, Jay-Z and Doph far as industry wise. It’s a few underground philly artist I got plans on working with soon. Stay tuned

Ed.Hippe: Where does your influence come from?

Gutt: A friend of mine who committed suicide. He suffered from depression. I use to always freestyle for him when we smoked and he always said I had the talent to be big. From the day he passed I kept my word to take a serious step with music. RIP Mase.

Ed.Hippe: Who influenced your style?

Gutt: Jay-Z, Waka Flocka, Jim Jones and Young Doph

Ed.Hippe:Do you have anyone that you consider your mentor? How has their help or advice shaped you?

Gutt: My Older Brothers. Having older brothers you kind of automatically look up to them especially if they cool. Everything they did or said I followed. They always kept me focused, level headed and out of harms way. I wanted to be like them in all aspects.

Ed.Hippe: What is one experience in life that, without it, you wouldn’t be the artist you are today?

Gutt: Watching my mother never give up. Raising 3 boys by herself and never once complained. She always did her best regardless of what she went through. Seeing that all my life made me understand no matter what always push through. Rather the outcome is bad or good you do your best. Everything might not go as planned with music but as long as I know I’m doing my best and trying hard I’m satisfied.

Ed.Hippe: Who are your top 3 favorite Philly Rappers of all time? Top 3?!

Gutt: That’s a tough one damn.

1. Beans 2. Oschino 3. Meek

Ed.Hippe: So your instagram features a lot of travel and fly sneaker content. Have you always been outgoing and stylish?, and has that become a big part of your Gutt 6’7 lifestyle?

Gutt: Well being raised by a single mother with other siblings made money tight so I ain’t have the best of fashion growing up. I was teased a lot as a kid about my clothes. That motivated me to work hard so I can have the latest sneakers and fashion. Ain’t look back since. As of today I own over 100 pair of sneakers in my collection. Far as traveling I love it. It could be AC or Puerto Rico it doesn’t matter I like to get away. It’s a must! My plans are to go away a more this year.

Ed.Hippe: If you could take anyone in the world dead or alive on a date, who would it be?

Gutt:Oh boy! You trying make my lady kill me lol. As we speak right now ima have to say JT from City Girls. She a pup

Ed.Hippe: What is your take on where we stand right now as a country? And how can hip hop have a positive impact on it?

Gutt: Aww man as a country I feel like we in our toughest times especially with unity. All the racist activity and political BS makes it hard for us to come together. On the music side of things Hip Hop is one of the few things that bring people together along with sports. If you ask me music makes the world a better place.

Ed.Hippe: What do you hope to accomplish this year?

Gutt: I want to start another business and get back in shape. That’s the mission this year, more money and better health.

Ed.Hippe: What is next for Gutt 6’7? What do you want your supporters to know about you?

Gutt: Dropping my new project “No Co-signs”. To all my fans and supporters just know Ima be more serious and consistent with the music. It’s money in this game and I need some.

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Photographed by Derek Moore

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