Samoht Talks The Meaning Behind Alpha & Where He Would Be Without Music

Photo credit: Sancho Smalls

PM: ALPHA, that’s a very powerful title, before we get into you as a person let’s talk about what made you name your album “ALPHA”

SAMOHT: When I released my EP Omen two years ago, I noticed some of the things I would say in my music were coming to fruition. Now, I use my music to elevate my personal life. For me to properly execute at this level, I must be able to tap into my higher self; I have to own my power. I named this project Alpha to set the tone of the rest of my life.

PM:When was your voice first discovered?

SAMOHT: My voice was first discovered when I was 3 years old when my aunt was giving me a bath. She walked out the bathroom for a moment and heard me singing her name. She said she walked back, stood at the bathroom door and listened for a moment in disbelief of the sound that came from me. She then told my grandmother and the next week I was at three different choir rehearsals.

PM:What do you think you would be doing if you weren’t doing music?

SAMOHT: I’d either be a art/ music teacher or a journalist. If not those things, I’d try my hand and acting. I wanted to be an actor before I decided to invest in music.

PM: Michael Jackson, Busta Rhymes and Nicki Minaj to name a few have inspired you, in what ways did these icons inspire you to be the artist you’ve become?

SAMOHT: These artists took their creativity to the next level. It wasn’t about them being better than anyone else. Instead, they focused on tapping into their higher selves and allowing us to experience high-end art.

PM:Your style is very unique! How do you keep such a stylish aestetic? You should definitely model

SAMOHT: Don’t gas me! Lol My grandparents were always dressed up for no reason. Watching them get dressed up just to go to the grocery store was normal for me. Where I’m from, we do the most with the little bit we have.

PM:Who have you collaborated with that you really enjoyed working with?

SAMOHT: I enjoyed working with Luke James. He’s super particular about his art, so working with him was a breeze because I’m the same way. I also enjoyed working with Myron Butler. He’s a musical genius.

PM:How would you describe the sound that you typically create? And what’s the process like for you?

Photo credit: Sancho Smalls

PM:What’s your favorite track from ALPHA? “2911” happens to be mine it makes me think about past situations and what it means to possess strength

SAMOHT: My favorite track is Naomi because it pleases me sonically. It also reminds me of the first time I listened to Diddy's Dirty Money album “Last Train to Paris.”

PM: Where have you performed? And what is your least favorite thing(s) about performing in front of a crowd?

SAMOHT: I have performed all over the United States. I say that with all humbleness because I remember working two and three jobs at a time praying for an opportunity to travel the country through music. My least favorite thing about performing in front of a crowd is not having my dream stage set.

PM: If you could open a show for any artist right now who would it be?

SAMOHT: I would like to open for Solange.

PM: Best Advice you’ve been given?

SAMOHT: "Keep God First" - Mom

PM: As this crazy year comes to an end and 2021 approaches could you tell us some of the stuff you have planned for 2021?

SAMOHT: Im working on a virtual tour for my fans, new merchandise, more visuals, and maybe a live album.

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