📷 kat_meowlo

PM : How do you spend your time away from work?

MIKE VOSS : If I’m awake it’s rare I’m not working in some way on music, writing/planning the next move and researching the business etc. I act, model and freelance write too so they also help keep me busy. When I do find myself with free time I like watching a good movie or linking with friends (not a lot of that these days obviously). I wind up feeling guilty if I go too long without working though. But it doesn’t even feel like work most the time.

PM : Has their ever been an imbalance between work/life for you ?

MIKE VOSS : Not really, As corny as some people may say it sounds my music is my life so they’re intertwined and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

PM : Typically What kinds of music do you listen to ?

MIKE VOSS : Of course Hip-Hop (all different eras), R&B & Soul, Classic Rock, Old Jazz & Blues, some Indie Rock and punk ....it all depends on my mood.

PM : Would you say your more of an extrovert or an introvert?

MIKE VOSS : That depends on my mood too, I can be very extroverted especially when I need to be. I like partying and being around good people, but on the other hand I live alone and I love that shit. I prefer to write alone too. Quarantine is definitely getting me more in touch with my introverted side and I’m not mad at it.

PM : Whats the last tv show you binged watched ?

MIKE VOSS : I don’t really binge watch, I get restless after an episode or two and it’s very rare a show can hold my attention. Honestly I can’t even remember. Prolly when I binged the Sopranos for the third time a couple years ago. What a fuckin show!

I will binge on YouTube sometimes tho, that’s more my shit. Stand up comedy, artist interviews, old WWF videos...all that.

PM : What kind of role do you want to take on after your music career gets where you want it?

MIKE VOSS : It’s hard for me to answer that right now. I get better every year and I don’t see that stopping so ima just keep making music and leveling up, maybe til I’m 60 long as my voice holds up.

I don’t have any interest in being on the business side. It’s a necessary evil to me so I learn what I need to but I’m an artist to the core. I do really like acting, I could see myself doing that a lot more after I get where I should be with music, between projects and stuff. I’m working on a couple acting projects now. Wrote my first screenplay for a short film too...who knows, might just take the Donald Glover route.

📷 J.Pratt

PM : In your mind how would your 10 year old self react to what you do now at this age musically / Career wise?

MIKE VOSS : I’m sure some people will say this is arrogant, but I’d prolly think I was the fuckin man. That’s around the age I started getting into hiphop but I didn’t start rapping until a few years after that. I’m no millionaire or household name (and that was never my goal anyway) but I’ve accomplished things I would’ve never even dreamed of as a kid. I’ve done shows with a lot of the artists I've listened to back then. Made it to the hall of fame on 106 & Park Freestyle Friday which I watched back then. I’ve had people tell me my songs helped them with depression which is something I’ve dealt with myself all my life. I’ve had my music played on the radio and in clubs across the country. so I think little 10 year old Mike wouldn’t even be able to believe it.

PM : What career advice would you give to your younger self?

MIKE VOSS : Fuck the bullshit. Stay focused on your work. Be selective with who you let into your circle. Not everyone is gonna like you or your music; just be yourself and make shit YOU like. keep honing your craft and let people gravitate to it naturally. I promise they will.

PM : What do you remeber about recording your first song ever?

MIKE VOSS : When I was 14 I recorded my first mixtape in a weekend on my mom’s computer with the little mic that comes with it. It was terrible and none of y’all will ever hear it 😂😂😂 but I was definitely having a lot of fun doing it.

PM : How was it working with Tone West? How did you guys come together??

MIKE VOSS : I met Tone West years ago thru the homies at Ethik clothing, I don’t think he was putting music out back when we met. Fast forward a lil bit and I started hearing his music and fuckin with it.I like that dudes whole vibe,He’s just a cool thorough bul who works hard and keeps it positive. I knew I wanted a feature on “Get Right Back” so I reached out and he was a perfect fit. The recording session and the video shoot was quick and easy, he’s really professional and just good people. We got another record coming soon that’s a MONSTER too.

PM : Has anyone ever told you that at times you have a Texas chopped and screwed vibe? Specifically in your song “Rockabye”

MIKE VOSS : I know I’m typing so you can’t see my face but I’m buggin out right now at this question. My close friend Harrowgrove who is an incredible artist/producer, actually did a chopped & screwed remix of THAT song. so it’s mad funny that you asked me that, I gotta tell him about that question. I didn’t ask him to do it either, he just did it on his own and surprised me. it’s fire, I should really drop that shit. I’ve always loved chopped & screwed music, just southern rap in general but especially Houston Rap. Back then there wasn’t as much of an appreciation of it up in the Philly area but people are coming around now. I have a song called “Smoke Sumn” featuring my guy Fat Tony who’s from Third Ward in Houston, and the end part is all chopped and screwed. S/o my man Architekt who produced that jawn. Chopped & screwed is the shit.

PM : What’s your favorite quote that applies to your life?

MIKE VOSS : My dad used to always say “life is a learning experience”.

And that’s really all it is. I learn something from every positive and negative experience I have. Once you stop learning you stop living.

PM : Do you have a timeframe of when we can expect some new music?

MIKE VOSS : It’s been over a year since I dropped my last album but I been recording all this year. Can’t give any dates but I’m dropping multiple projects in 2021 starting within the next couple months. It’ll be well worth the wait.

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