We had the pleasure of catching up with Nigerian-American fashion stylist Chi Ilochi where she speaks on the worst gig she ever had, how she spends her days off ,the things that bring her peace & so much more


CHI: Thankyou! Hmm, I still don’t feel like I’ve broken into the fashion industry haha. I will say, I’ve let God lead the way to bring me this far. I trust God’s plan and purpose for my life, so I owe all success to him.

PM: You work with a lot of ethnic material and very involved with streetwear/ casual content , but what is your personal go to look for yourself?

CHI: My “go to look” for myself is a pair of sweats, comfy sneakers, and a dope tee. I love to be comfortable, haha. Of course I have moments where I wanna give the girls fashion, but as a stylist you don’t always have time to dress up, you’re focused on your clients look, so there’s definitely a time and place for everything.

PM: What’s a hobby of yours and how did you get into it?

CHI: I sing, and I can’t say it’s a hobby. I’ve been into music before fashion. My love for music came through songwriting at an early age, and trying to win those 106&Park competitions.

PM: How do you typically spend your days off?

CHI: Netflix. Eating. More Netflix. When I rest, I rest. I love a great anime or indie film and buffalo wings.

PM: R&B or Hip Hop?


PM: What was the last thing you read?

CHI: Jeffrey Gitomer’s Little Red Book of Selling

PM: Your're always being featured or mentioned by some form of media ,how does that make you feel?

CHI: It makes me feel blessed. I’m so thankful for any opportunity that comes my way, this opportunity included is an honor. I get nervous as well, but I know that this is all apart of God’s plan.

PM: Do you listen to podcast? If so what’s some of your favorite?

CHI: Yes! My favorite podcast right now is “Girls Running Shit” ran by three phenomenal black women who go by the names of Markeea Hart, Janita Kilgore, and Mia Marshall. Another favorite of mine is the “Fashion School Dropout” podcast ran by the lovely Brittany Diego.

PM: What brands or people have you worked with that still shocks you til this day ?

CHI: I’m still shocked that I’ve worked with Reebok, and I thank the lovely Nadine Ortiz for making such an awesome opportunity happen. I’m also shocked to have worked with TJ Brown from the Netflix series “The Get Down”. I have to thank his manager, TJ Burrowes Of “All Hail Worldwide” for making that possible. They’re both two talented, and humble people so it was truly a blessing that I will always be grateful for. I definitely hope to work with them again soon.

PM: What’s something that brings you peace?

CHI: I love nature, songwriting, and water. These three things bring me so much calm and ease. In a world that seems to go a million miles a second, these things keep me grounded and thankful for where I am and what I have.

PM: Do you think you will remain a stylist, or this is just one of the necessary steps to take to get where you ultimately want to go?

CHI: I definitely believe I’ll remain a stylist, I can’t see myself doing anything else but who knows what the future holds!

PM: What’s the worst gig you ever had? You don’t have to name names lol

CHI: The worst gig I ever had was in 2019, I’ll just say that haha. I experienced many micro aggressions, and witnessed racism that I couldn’t confront because of my position. This experience definitely left a bad taste in my mouth and is something I hope I don’t experience again haha.

PM: Can you tell us what your favorite family tradition is?

CHI: My favorite family tradition is Thanksgiving, as I said I love to eat and I love to be around family. If you give me the two, it’s a great time.

PM: What can we expect from Chi the stylist in 2021?

CHI: You can expect more

Editorial Styling

Community Styling

Short Films

A Teen Vogue feature ( Fingers Crossed )

A lot of work in Brooklyn, NY

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