“The Dream Is Real” Mont posted out to the masses. “I would like to announce that I am now the newest A&R at Columbia Records" Mont Brown confirmed the new status of him accepting an A&R  position with Columbia Records with a post on his Instagram feed (April 4).

Mont told us that it was Shawn Holiday who saw how badly he wanted to accomplish his goals. He said that it was Shawn’s mentorship that guided him in the direction of landing the current position at Columbia. With such guidance Mont was able to apply that knowledge to his career and he believes thats why he is elevating. 

Also during our conversation Mont mentioned Imran Majid (EVP/CO-HEAD OF A&R AT COLUMBIA RECORDS), Ron Perry ( CHAIRMEN & CEO OF COLUMBIA RECORDS) and Phylicia Fant (STORYTELLER, VISIONIST AND CULTURE ENTHUSIAST) as the individuals who believed in him and saw how hungry he was for this opportunity. Mont has been a huge force in the creative scene in Philadelphia for a long time. He has even played a part in artist Reco Havoc’s deal with Atlantic Records,  Sim Santana’s deal with Columbia Records and Yak Yola’s deal with Alamo Records, so its not much of a surprise that the blessings are starting to pour in so lets keep our eyes on Mont Brown its All Action from here! 

 Article by Ed.Hippe

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