Mrkhuul Releases New Single “FUCC’EM” on Spotify, Apple, Soundcloud & More

Just as the world came to a halt earlier this year, Mrkhuul was getting ready to release new

music on a consistent basis. Unfortunately, timing just wasn’t on his side at the moment. After

several months, his long awaited single “Fucc’em” drops and is available today on Spotify,

Apple Music & Soundcloud.

What took so long, fans and others along might be wondering?

“I planned to drop something every month consistently once I released “Ride Around” but then

the pandemic happened,” said Mrkhuul during a conversation. “I couldn’t go to REC or anything

and I had to fall back. I never thought like ‘oh the world is over’ I just had to reevaluate myself

and figure out another way to execute.”

The 28-year-old Philly native is referring to REC Philly, the city’s designated place for creatives;

a space in which artists across different mediums can come to create, connect, and gain access

to resources and opportunities to build sustainable and scalable businesses around their talent.

Not letting those obstacles deter him, Mrkhuul kept pressed on. Fucc’em, rightfully titled, is a

new offering for his evolving and growing fanbase. As he’s been prepping more new material

set to release for an upcoming project, this should hold everyone over for now.

“If it was meant to be over it was going to be over, but it wasn’t I still had passion, motivation,

and still saw my vision so I’m like, ‘Yeah, I’m still going.”

For more updates, follow him on Instagram @Mrkhuul, (or send him a tweet, he’s heavy on

Twitter too).

Stream “Fucc’em” now on Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, and Tidal.

About Mrkhuul

Mrkhuul has been exploring his musical talent for the past five years, but it was in 2017 when he

decided to give it his all. Having spent some time on the West Coast while attending school, he

returned to Philly with a new outlook and mindset on how he wanted to experience life and he

set out plans to accomplish that with and through his music.

“I’ve always wanted my music to tell stories. I’m not the most lyrical person but I say some

important stuff and I just want to help people. Especially the youth...”

After releasing his first full-length project in 2018 titled “No Doubts, Just Dreams” he later

released a string of singles such as ‘Next to Me’, ‘Back Up’, ‘Look At Me’, and the pandemic era

favorite, “Ride Around” across Spotify, Apple, and Soundcloud. While taking time to figure out

his next move, the 28-year-old Philly native decided it was time to revisit the drawing board and

rework his master plan. Like everyone else, it was inevitable to avoid the pandemic affecting the

entire world, the entertainment world especially, with touring at a halt, venue closings and

practically everything coming to a complete stop. Not letting that deter him, he Mrkhuul decided

this was the best time to revamp his brand and allow himself to emerge in a new light.

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