Keithian Addresses Multi-Levels of Life in Musical Gumbo EP ‘To My Pain’

2020 has been a year of ups and downs and Keithian (former Virgin Records Artist) addresses that in various forms in his latest single “Communicate” (which was featured on YouTube’s “Incoming R&B” playlist and debuted at #116 on Mediabase’s Top 40 Charts) and upcoming EP “… to my Pain” (Now available ).

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Keithian discusses how he managed to deal with different scenarios when it concerns mental health and communicating his feelings, things that are particularly important skills to continue to hone during this pandemic and it’s something that many musicians such as himself constantly face as the weeks develop. The song “Communicate” which is inspired by the late Simone Battle (from GRL), it interprets the need to keep a line of communication open with your partner and loved ones to help. The song’s video opens up to his overall project which reflects all of the mini battles he’s encountered to get to this point in his present level in life.

Keithian isn’t a name most would recognize, but the next time

you hear it, you will. This New Orleans native has written and produced for some of music’s biggest

names and was signed to Virgin Records. But after two failed attempts to release music through them,

he decided to take control of his own career.

"Communicate" the next single from Keithian’s upcoming EP “... to my Pain,” comes off the heels of his viral hit “Pillow Talk” which was released earlier this summer. At the top of the year,

Keithian connected with Caribbean producer and keyboardist Oliver Delcros-Sainville during a session working on music for Rihanna. The pair spent a week in the studio and discovered a connection. Out of those sessions was born the beginning of the songs that would make up Keithian’s upcoming EP. “Communicate" is a song written about a real experience.

I had a friend that committed suicide and felt that if she was able to communicate with me or her other friends, then we could have saved her. This is a testament to Mental Health, my cry to anyone who is going through anything and don't feel like you would be heard. You will be heard, no one should be silenced, if you have any issue, concern, or feelanyway, you allowed to SPEAK UP! COMMUNICATE!

- Keithian

Keithian fought over the years to stay true to his culture and heritage in his music. Being Cuban and a

Jazz musician, the record labels didn’t know what to do with him. They told him it was hard to gain

mainstream success in those genres and wasn’t willing to support his endeavors. So, he went back to Louisiana and started all over.

“Ultimately, I want my music to be known for good vibes, humility, inspiration and truth,” he said. “My soul is a gumbo of music, just like the world we live in. And since I make music for the people, and there’s people of all kinds of taste and stories, I’ll let them choose what music they want from me.”


Keithian was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and raised in an extremely creative environment. His

grandfather taught him the saxophone and he played in his family’s jazz band until he joined a boy

group. The group signed a record deal, performed, and toured for several years while working on their

debut album, but broke up before its release. Keithian signed a solo deal with Virgin Records and

started working on his debut album, but the label was shut down due to a merger. Frustrated with

being caught up in the label system, he independently released his Power EP, toured, did residencies,

served as a music director while writing and producing for other recording artists. At the top of 2019,

Keithian connected with producer / keyboardist Oliver Delcros-Sainville in a Rihanna session. The pair

spent a week working on music for the Pop Goddess but discovered a connection and started working

on songs that become Keithian’s upcoming EP “... to my Pain.” The EP released today

November 13th.

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