#2020 Artist Wrapped

Yesterday creatives all over the globe took to Instagram to show the growth from their Spotify streams, comparing 2019 numbers to the current numbers of 2020. An Artist in particular Jay Solstice from Camden,New Jersey increased his streams by a whole 20K , now thats major! Not to mention up and coming trio Prlm Chld from Philadelphia saw an enormous increase of 318K in streams! Nothing about the numbers are surprising , but I must say its very refreshing to see how hard independent artist work to become household names and the price for that isn't cheap.

Clearly their has been some work being done despite the unfortunate events affected by Covid-19, Racial injustice and the looting. These creatives have something to say because it’s not easy trying to get ahead in these times ,so major congratulations to all of the artist to worked around the clock spending money on travel, studio and equipment just to express and see some of the fruits of their labor with these amazing stream increases!

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